On the Road

On the Road by Annie Acorn available on amazon.com

Also available for Nook .

Annie Acorn Publishing LLC is pleased to announce the epublication of On the Road by Annie Acorn now available on both amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com .

Moon Pies and an RC form a southern tradition that goes back to the times when families still traveled by car along two lane country roads to reach Grandmother’s house.  Children moved freely about in the auto’s interior, seatbelts not yet having been invented.  Restless, they could stand and watch over the driver’s shoulder as an eerie world flew by outside – their own imaginations roaring forward on full throttle.  Meager heaters did little to warm interiors in the winter, gas stations offered attendants, and convenience stores were unknown.  Still, along these curvy country roads, families bonded, forging memories that lasted well past the journeys on which they were bound.

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