Horror & Suspense

Dark Tales From Gents’ Pens (Annie Acorn’s Dark Tales Book 1) – a collection of dark horror stories from the men of From Gents’ Pens.

Also available in Print on AmazonUK and iTunes and for Nook and Kobo ereaders.

Where can you find all the suspense, thrills, blood, and gore that reflect the dark underbelly of our world? Where do murder and voodoo curses stand alongside innocents and little children? Where do the kinder, gentler things disappear? Within the tightly crafted stories gathered for your enjoyment by Annie Acorn into Dark Tales From Gents’ Pens!

With their skillfully woven tales, the founding members of From Gents’ Pens, a cooperative of award-winning contemporary male writers, have forged a unique collection of stories that are sure to please those who enjoy a tingle running up and down their spines, as they face the monsters who no longer linger beneath their beds.


The Halloween Clock by Annie Acorn
The Petrified Girl by Steve Cartwright
The Challenge of the Killer by Steve Cartwright
The Embalmer’s Apprentice by Steve Cartwright
The Reincarnation of Lou Gehrig by Joe Eliseon
The Horses of Paiute Canyon by D. A. Grady
The Two Hundred by K. Edwin Fritz
Shelter by William D. Prystauk
Ms. Grant by William D. Prystauk
The Dead and the Dying by Ron Shaw

The Ghost of Christmas Present and Other Stories (Angel Nichol’s Christmas Book 1) – a collection of Christmas stories by the multi-talented graphic designer and author Angel Nichols.  Includes the novella from which the book takes its name as well as three other works.

Also available in Print on Amazon UK and iTunes and for Nook and Kobo.

Only the multi-talented, internationally beloved, From Women’s Pen author and graphic designer Angel Nichols could offer a collected works that will send chills down your spine, develop your survival skills, warm your heart, and lead you to the truth about Santa Claus!

So grab some Christmas cookies, a warm beverage and a chair by the fireplace, relax, and enjoy:

The Ghost of Christmas Present –

A teenage girl, an eccentric millionaire, a former cop, a mysterious drunk, and a murderer all find themselves in the middle of an old English forest a week before Christmas. Things soon go sideways as their own agendas come to light, and only a ghost can help them find what they’re really looking for.

Danger, adventure, betrayal and murder all find themselves at a crossroads when they meet the Ghost of Christmas Present!

Christmas in the Mojave –

It’s Christmas Eve, and nine passengers aboard a small Cessna jet receive the holiday surprise of their lives! When their plane goes down in the Mojave, these strangers from all walks of life must work together to survive. Twists and terror come together, create unlikely friendships under dangerous conditions. How will they survive this Christmas in the Mojave?

Christmas Love Exchange –

Hungry for change, New York native Dean Anderson accepts an offer of an exchange semester at a college in Germany. Arriving in the midst of a snow storm, he makes his way to his new home, only to receive a shock. An angry dog, a starving kitten, and a beautiful blonde reinforce his belief that this may be his worst Christmas ever, but then, his one lifeline is almost jerked from his hands.

Jolly Old Spook –

It’s two days before Christmas Eve, and the Mills family is under siege. Nine-year-old Will is used to the annual battle with Ysolda Povenmire and her devil dog, but what, pray tell, do the FBI and CIA have to do with things? Fearlessly risking life and limb, the brave youngster follows first one clue and then another, until they lead him to the biggest surprise of all and the best Mills family Christmas EVER!

Bet you can’t read this one without laughing!

Horror Shorts:

The Dead and the Dying (Ron Shaw Horror Book 1) – a horrific short offering from radio host and author Ron Shaw.

Also available on AmazonUK and for Nook and Kobo ereaders.

Like to feel the hair rising on the back of your neck? How about a tingle chasing up and down your spine? Then internationally read, From Gents’ Pens author Ron Show, host of The Ron Shaw Show on ArtistFirst Radio Network, has written the perfect story for you.

Bloodied streets, voodoo curses, and a mysterious cameo all set the stage as murder, young lovers, and an act of historic cruelty all converge and head blindly towards a suspense-filled conclusion on one horrific, rainy night in Georgia.

You won’t want to miss this one!

Suspense Shorts:

Thirteenth Door on the Left (Angel Nichols’ Shorts Book 2) – a suspense-filled ghost story with a film-noir vibe by author and graphic designer Angel Nichols.

Also available on Amazon UK and for Nook and Kobo ereaders.

“Get out, Sam. Get out of here!” His partner Frank’s voice called out a warning.

If Chicago gumshoe Sam Harrison had known what would happen, he would have left the room the first time and never looked back.

And so the Thirteenth Door on the Left begins, yet another tale of ghostly suspense from Angel Nichols, the internationally beloved, From Women’s Pens author of The Ghost of Christmas Present and Other Stories. This time a beautiful, dream-driven young woman, her gallant young man, and a haunted motel all come together at precisely the right moment to…, but no, anymore would be telling.

You won’t want to miss this one!

Just An Old Wives’ Tale (Peggy Teel’s Shorts Book 1) – A horror story with a touch of psychological suspense by Peggy Teel.

Also available on Amazon UK and iTunes and for Nook and Kobo.

Maggie has a pain, a problem and a worry. Her son Jimmy is concerned for her, and her husband Malcolm wants his wife back, while a mean Baltimore oriole bangs on their home’s library window, refusing to stop. Overhanging them all is the wives’ tale told many years ago by Maggie’s long dead mother, perhaps a portend of what’s to come. Don’t miss this tale of horror and suspense from award-winning author Peggy Teel!

Perhaps (Denise Hays’s Shorts Book 1) – A psychological suspense story by Denise Hays.

Also available on Amazon UK and iTunes and for Nook and Kobo.

Dutch Bunch is dead – a victim of his own shotgun. Sheriff Dane Watson has a suspect in custody, but he is neither pleased nor satisfied about it. Enter Faith, who may or may not be able to unlock the reasons behind Dutch’s sudden demise. You won’t want to miss this latest literary jewel from Denise Hays!

A Silent Night (Sheila Lawrence’s Christmas Book 3) – A powerful, contemporary Christmas story by Sheila D. Lawrence.

Also available on Amazon UK and iTunes and for Nook and Kobo.

It’s Christmas Eve. The tree is decorated, a candle shines, and a cup of tea is brewed. All is right with Theodore and Marianne’s world, or is it? Once again Sheila D. Lawrence provides the reader with the unexpected, but this time she may have outdone even herself. You won’t want to miss this one!


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