Children’s Books

The Magic Sand Dollar – A faith-based children’s book by Annie Acorn.

Also available on Amazon UK and iTunes and for Nook and Kobo.

Aunt Gail is magic. Carrie Louise is sure of it, and so she sets out to prove it. With the help of her aunt, though, Carrie Louise learns the truth about magic and the reality of love.

Built around the faith-based legend of the sand dollar, The Magic Sand Dollar is a perfect beach read for children, a great bedtime story anytime, and a wonderful experience for a young reader!

Jolly Old Spook (Angel Nichols’ Christmas Shorts Book 3) – A humorous, Christmas mystery designed for ages nine through adult.

Also available on Amazon UK and iTunes and for Nook and Kobo.

It’s two days before Christmas Eve, and the Mills family is under siege. Nine-year-old Will is used to the annual battle with Ysolda Povenmire and her devil dog, but what, pray tell, do the FBI and CIA have to do with things? Fearlessly risking life and limb, the brave youngster follows first one clue and then another, until they lead him to the biggest surprise of all and the best Mills family Christmas EVER!

So grab a couple of gingerbread men, a flask of hot cocoa, and your mittens, and come along for the ride. Internationally read, From Women’s Pen author Angel Nichols has produced yet another charming tale, and you won’t want to miss it.

Bet you can’t read this one without laughing!

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