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Who’s Minding America?: A John Hatch Tale (John Hatch Tales Book 1) – a full-length action/adventure novel by D.A. Grady.

Also available in Print and LARGE PRINT on Amazon UK and iTunes as well as for Nook and Kobo.

Who’s Minding America? In today’s world of expanding violence, corrupt governments, greedy industries, exploding terrorism and growing gun control issues, someone had better be asking the question.

Enter internationally read, much loved, From Gents’ Pens author D.A. Grady. Drawing upon his own military background, corporate insider knowledge, broadcasting expertise, and outdoorsman skills, D.A. spins a complex web of international intrigue, crooked politicians, misplaced loyalties, high tech espionage, and cutting edge weaponry that is all the more frightening because not only is it possible, it is probable.

Within the covers of this, the first full-length novel in the John Hatch Tales series, the author skillfully unveils a twisted plot to set aside the Second Amendment and take over America.

Following a horrific event he has witnessed live on national television, famed outdoorsman John Hatch reaches out to Citizens Against Guns leader, Gray Grayson. Both men soon realize that gun control is merely a symptom of a greater problem, as they join forces to save an America that is clearly floundering on the brink of destruction.

A flick of a switch or a squeeze of a trigger can thwart all of their efforts as they travel the globe in a race against time, engaging with a variety of circumstances, forces, politics, and clandestine figures that hold both the country and the reader in their tightening grasp until the final pages of this first entry in the John Hatch saga.

Can a small group of everyday citizens save America, indeed the world, as we know it? You won’t want to miss this one!

Around the Campfire: Two Badge-Toters’ Tales – Tales told as if around a campfire on a working ranch by From Gents’ Pens authors D.A. Grady and Ron Shaw, drawing on life experiences including memories of their careers in law enforcement.

Also available in Print and Large Print on AmazonUK and iTunes and for Nook and Kobo ereaders.

Telling tales around campfires goes back to the beginning of cowboy days and even before. This group of tales differs in that they are told by D.A. Grady, in the comfortable role of a working cowboy, and his friend from Atlanta, Ron Shaw host of The Ron Shaw Show on ArtistFirst Network, who’s been invited to ride with him as D.A. mends fences on a ranch where he works.

Both men bring to this fictional experience an actual law enforcement background, one in the rural West and the other in urban surroundings, providing an unusual twist as they compare true cop stories – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Along the way, the reader is introduced by these two internationally read members of From Gents’ Pens to a variety of unexpected events along the trail, and nights abound with skillfully woven tales, mostly true, that tug at your every emotion. So settle into your sougans, and let the boys top off your mugs as they share with you tales from Around the Campfire.

You won’t want to miss this one!

The Cow Camp Affair (D. A. Grady’s Western Tales Book 2) – A classic western novella set in the 1800s with full doses of romance and humor added for good measure by D. A. Grady.

Also available on AmazonUK and for Nook and Kobo ereaders.

In the 1800s and before, ranchers hired a lone cowpuncher to look after their cattle stuck in the high country for the winter. Normally a lonely assignment, most punchers said, “No!” to such an assignment, but Ben Thomas said, “Yes.”

Soon the job becomes the surprise of his life and the most dangerous, as From Gents’ Pens storyteller D.A. Grady winds the resultant tale around actual happenings of a time long past. A unique telling, The Cow Camp Affair follows the daily living of folks in those days and keeps you turning the page to see if they can make it to the next night.

All the things that you expect from this internationally beloved author – suspense, romance, mystery, and a good dose of humor – are intertwined in a story that will keep you reading until the sun sets on the last page.

Two Guns and a Gal (D. A. Grady’s Western Tales Book 3) – A classic western novella set in the 1800s with full doses of romance and humor added for good measure by D. A. Grady.

Also available on AmazonUK and for Nook and Kobo ereaders.

Dusty horses and riders, gals and guns are the backdrops for most westerns because that’s what life was in those days. Add to that a mystery identity, one really bad tornado, and the way country folks help each other when times are tough, and you have all the ingredients for great entertainment.

Two Guns and a Gal is a tale woven from the genre of several old time classic western authors as beloved storyteller D.A. Grady’s unique style reaches back into the 1800s and finds mystery, suspense and romance as it really was back then.

Do the good guys always win? Folks who read this work are the real winners here, as they turn one page after another to find out.

You don’t want to miss this one!

The Horses of Paiute Canyon (D. A. Grady’s Western Shorts Book 1) – a novelette filled with the ambiance of the West and a splash of the paranormal.

Also available on Amazon UK and iTunes, as well as for Nook and Kobo.

It’s late spring, and the last of the early blooming desert plants in Nevada are at their best. Battered and bruised, Jim Crenshaw rides away from his past and onto the Diamond G ranch, where he seeks employment – not as the foreman he is, but as a simple cowboy.

Not much later, he finds himself on a two week trip, riding the fence line with only his animals, unaware and unprepared for what awaits him. Paiute Canyon hieroglyphics, a stubborn mule, and a terrorized dog all fail him, as he faces the approaching unknown.

A veteran cowboy himself, From Gents’ Pens author D. A. Grady has applied simple, direct language in the telling of this story that he has written in honor of those men, who still wear boots and spurs, and their animals.

You won’t want to miss this one!

The Christmas Thief (Angel Nichols’ Christmas Shorts Book 4) – An historical, Christmas tale with a hint of romance by Angel Nichols, set in Victorian England.

Also available on AmazonUK as well as for Nook and Kobo.

“And if we get caught? What then? Exactly how many families will that feed?”

So opens internationally beloved, From Womens’ Pens author Angel Nichols’ latest Christmas tale.

Christmastime had always been a sacred time for thieves, but one in particular plans the most daring heist of the eighteenth century as London moves into the new industrial age of electricity.

A cherished jewel, devotion to a best friend, and determination to find the family she never knew all fight for Avonlea’s attention as she finds herself caught in the middle, and this time lives are at stake!

Will she find a way out, or will this be the last heist for The Christmas Thief?

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