How to Survive a 203K Mortgage

How to Survive a 203K Mortgage by Annie Acorn

Also available for Nook .

Annie Acorn Publishing LLC is pleased to announce the epublication of How to Survive a 203K Mortgage by Annie Acorn onto both and

By popular request How to Survive Your New Home Purchase has been expanded to include even more information specific to the successful use of an FHA 203K mortgage.

Are you preparing to purchase a new home for your family utilizing an FHA 203K mortgage?  Then here is the resource you need!  How to Survive a 203K Mortgage is a must have for you, including as it does all of the 203K specific advice that you will need.

You’ve saved a nice sized down payment.  You’ve picked out a neighborhood with pleasant tree-lined streets and good schools.  You’ve checked out all sorts of amenities.  But now, the current real estate environment seems scary.  News sources are full of home purchase horror stories.  Foreclosures and short sales can turn a dream house into a nightmare.  You’re not the world’s greatest DIYer, nor are you a financial wizard.  Now you’re real estate agent and mortgage broker have recommended you apply for an FHA 203K mortgage.  How to Survive a 203K Mortgage outlines step-by-step how to walk through the potential mine fields of potential home ownership using this financial tool and come out on the other side as a real estate winner!

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