Annie Acorn Publishing is pleased to announce the epublication of, Bloodhound
by denise hays
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When Sheriff Jason Savage calls Niki Edgar to a murder scene, she arrives unaware the prime suspect is none other than her ex-husband, DeWayne’s, girlfriend, Cybil. She finds out when she smells Cybil in the murder victim’s closet.

Smells her? Yes! Niki suffers from hyperosmia, a medical condition that causes her to possess a superhuman ability to smell. As you can imagine, life takes on a certain intensity for hyperosmics.

Life gets complicated when the hunky sheriff and the ex-husband she’s not quite over ask Niki to help prove Cybil’s innocence. She reluctantly agrees, then spends a horrible few days vascillating between trying to prove Cybil’s innocence and hoping to find she did, in fact, murder her husband.

A fun story filled with hilarious situations, Bloodhound by denise hays
is the book to take to the beach or curl up with on a rainy afternoon. First in the Niki Edgar Mystery series, Bloodhound by denise hays introduces sassy, sexy, lovable hyperosmic Niki Edgar, the men in her life, and the trouble she can’t seem to stay out of. A first person narrative, Niki’s quirky personality and penchant for embarrassing herself will keep you wanting to know what happens next!

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