Christmas in July Cover Extravaganza



A Note from Annie:

In case you haven’t noticed, Annie Acorn Publishing, LLC, celebrates Christmas in July.  As if our Christmasy banner wasn’t enough, we also feature a different one of Angel Nichols’ fabulous Christmas covers each day.

Angel is an accomplished illustrator, author and graphic artist who juggles a busy working schedule with family, friends and her passion for the arts. She has been a hobbyist writer for much of her life, before being asked to author for Annie Acorn’s 2012 Christmas Anthology.  She is a member of From Women’s Pens, and a visit to Angel’s author page would be well worth your time.

Ms. Nichols is the exclusive cover artist for Annie Acorn Publishing, LLC. Her award-winning covers have been seen on the Barnes and Noble’s bestseller list as well as in Amazon’s and Kobo’s top categories. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication and Digital Design from AIU.

All of us at AAPub breathe a sigh of relief each time we sign on a new work, knowing as we do that Angel will be there to produce the cover.

To enjoy the feature as it was presented in 2014, click on the following links:

July 1While Shepherds Watched by Beverly J. Crawford

July 2Annie Acorn’s 2013 Christmas Treasury – contributed to and edited by Annie Acorn

July 3Two Beaux for Christmas by Juliette Hill

July 4  The Ghost of Christmas Present and Other Stories by Angel Nichols

July 5 A Super Sandy Christmas by Susan Jean Ricci

July 6 Christmas by Design by Annie Acorn

July 7 – A Christmas Quilt by Juliette Hill

July 8 A Silent Night by Sheila D. Lawrence

July 9 Christmas Shoppe Magic by Juliette Hill

July 10 A Christmas Kiss by Charlotte Kent

July 11 Christmas in the Mojave by Angel Nichols

July 12 Finding Christmas Love and Other Stories by Juliette Hill

July 13 Too Busy for Christmas by Annie Acorn

July 14 Christmas in Tartan Glen by Peggy Teel

July 15 The Angel in the Mirror by Sheila D. Lawrence

July 16 Two Miracles for Christmas by Susan Jean Ricci

July 17 A Haunting Christmas by Annie Acorn

July 18 One Sweet Christmas by Annie Acorn

July 19 Christmas Love Exchange by Angel Nichols

July 20 A Christmas Rescue by Annie Acorn

July 21 A Merry Mary Christmas by Peggy Teel

July 22 Christmas Shoppe Magic Revisited by Juliette Hill

July 23 Murder on the First Day of Christmas by Billie Thomas

July 24 An Afghan of Many Colors by Annie Acorn

July 25 Merry Christmas Minus One by Denise Hays

July 26 The Christmas Cardinal by Susan Jean Ricci

July 27 One Last Gift to Go by Annie Acorn

July 28 – A Magic Cup of Christmas Tea by Charlotte Kent

July 29 Country Cabin Christmas by Juliette Hill

July 30 Jolly Old Spook by Angel Nichols

July 31 Annie Acorn’s 2014 Christmas Treasury contributed to and edited by Annie Acorn

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