Pen & Ink Design a World



Suddenly, you’re filled with inspiration for a new storyline.  You grab a spiral notebook and pen or rush to your keyboard.  Words are ready to flow like warm chocolate, but then you realize that you now have to design a new world.

What does this world look like?  How does it smell, feel, sound?  Can’t figure out where to go for help?  Might we suggest the tried and true?  Who better to provide you with an answer than award-winning author Theresa Snyder, who has agreed to be Guest Quill for the 2/1-15/15 Pen & Ink session?

This session’s question? How do you approach creating a new world for your readers?

Before you pay for years of intense therapy, might we suggest that you grab a pen and paper and get ready to take some notes.  There’s no telling what you might learn from an answer that’s come from someone as successful and talented as Theresa Snyder is!

– The Editors

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