Who Are Pen and Ink?

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Pen and Ink are two internationally read authors, whose combined works run the gamut of published non-fiction and fiction, both of whom have agreed to share their expertise and favorite writing tips through semi-monthly Q&A sessions via the Pen & Ink page here at

Pen is a highly accomplished, award-winning poet, whose lyrical lines can be found on coffee tables and bedside cabinets near and far.  She has several inspirational books to her credit, all of which have received critical and popular acclaim. A series of romcom mysteries belong to her as well.

Ink has trouble rhyming ‘air’ with ‘pair,’ but both as a contributor and as an editor, she has experience with periodical publications.  She has filled the role of Senior Editor at a publishing concern and is accomplished in all types of editing – layered, developmental, technical and copyediting.  Volumes of wordy, fluff-filled government documents, training manuals, reports, and marketing materials have been produced at her desk, and she has worked as a freelance writer.  She is the published author of many well-received works of non-fiction and fiction – the latter ranging from mysteries to self-help to romances to family sagas.

Pen is currently working on several full-length volumes, including another inspirational tome, and a top secret project she’s doing just for fun.  Ink is currently juggling nine works in progress and has two completed novels in storage that she can’t quite find the time to get published.

Thumb drives of short stories are stored throughout both of their homes, and they each have two sons.  Here the similarities end.

Pen lives in a pristine mansion.  She sings, tap dances, works out, practices her violin, creates works of art, and cleans her house like there’s no tomorrow.

Ink is a couch potato, who lives in three, book-lined rooms amid stacks of scribbled notes and half-empty chocolate boxes that she keeps on hand for dire emergencies.

Pen is petite.  The word most often used to describe her is ‘sweet.’  Her clothes are the latest style, she’s never known a bad hair day, and she has the stamina of a young girl.

Ink is a chunk.  The word most often used to describe her is ‘curmudgeon.’  Most of her clothes are eligible to vote, she has not known a good hair day since the late fifties, and she was never a young girl.

Pen eagerly volunteers large amounts of time to anyone who passes within a fifty mile radius of her home.  As a result, she constantly juggles the demands of large charity drives, huge women’s organizations, various speaking engagements, and front page social events.

Ink is extremely jealous of her time and avoids folks like the plague.  As a result of her silence, most people believe her to be a great listener and continually hound her to death.

Pen is owned by a cat.  Ink lives with two rescued dogs.

Inevitably, Pen and Ink are completely verbal and, therefore, live in perpetual fear of their computers.  One could consider it a major miracle that you are now reading this, but there was that one cosmic convergence.

Like most authors, both Pen and Ink struggle daily with time issues, publishing criteria, family needs, outside pressures and inside fears.  Yet, somehow, both of them have published their work and are highly successful authors.

Between them, they know way more than most folks about writing, editing, marketing and promoting the written word.

You can review already scheduled questions here.  Please leave a comment indicating questions you would like to have them answer at the end of their current session.

AAP-Logo_quill100  If you are a published author and would be interested in sharing your knowledge with others as a Guest Quill, please contact me at

It is hoped that lessons learned in the course of their efforts, those of their Guest Quills and myself will benefit each and every one of you, drawing on the common thread that binds us all together – the need to express ourselves through our pens and keyboards.

Annie Acorn

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