From Gents’ Pens


A Cooperative of Gentlemen Writers, who are internationally recognized for their quality contemporary and historic literature and poetry in a variety of genres, fiction and non-fiction.

Founding Members:

Ron Shaw, D.A. Grady, Steve Cartwright, William D. Prystauk, K. Edwin Fritz, and Joe Eliseon

Annie Acorn Publishing Affiliated Author Members:


New Members:


Future Members:

Could one of them be YOU?

3 Responses to From Gents’ Pens

  1. Ron Shaw says:

    Annie, I’m honored to be a part of Pen & Ink. Hopefully, my fellow gents and I will add a hint of English Leather to your wonderful, informative blog… I’ll even remember to bring flowers and chocolate, but can’t really speak for those other gents.
    Ron ‘Baby Whale’ Shaw

  2. D.A.Grady says:

    Annie –

    Cowboys don’t git to town too often & our manners ain’t much, but we sure ’nuff know how ta say thanks when somebody does us an honor.


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