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  1. D.A.Grady says:

    For: Annie
    Baby Whale said he learned more from you than he has anyone since started his career writing.

    I am an action, mystery fiction storyteller. AuthorHouse published my first work, Minding America and they were not exactly up front with me and paid peanuts. Cancelled my contract with them last week. In the interim I wrote a 40 page sequel called Kidnapping Fame and E-published it on KDP. Jury out on that. I am seriously considering selling direct from my website and allowing other authors to do the same. Would love to hear your comments on the idea.

    I am knocked out by your site and what little I know of what you do. Am signing up today to put two books out there with you and have a 4 part western (sort of)
    behind that called From New Jersey to Grown-Up. Have also begun a story about a slave girl, called Star Treks and her trails as she becomes the first black female gunfighter in the old West.

    Sent my author page in a tweet. Thanks for taking the time. Pardon the typing but some parts of me wake up faster than others. I am 71. DA

    • admin says:

      D.A. – Sorry for the delay, but I just saw this. Thanks to you and Ron for the lovely compliments. Instead of selling books directly from your site, which would require you to spend a lot of time and incur expense, I would suggest that you become an Amazon Associate. That will allow you to place your books cover images on your site, as we have down the right side of ours, in a way that will enable possible buyers to click on the image and go straight through to the Amazon buy page for the book in question. Amazon and Associates will then pay you a percentage of anything that individual purchases from them while in their site for that visit, whether it’s your book they buy or not. – Annie

  2. D.A.Grady says:

    I am beginnin to understand why BW thinks yore feet don’t touch the ground. Reckon I’ll mosey on over and check it out. Thanks, DA

  3. D.A.Grady says:

    How does that program differ from KDP select? In need of education and thanks for what you have already taught. DA

  4. D.A.Grady says:

    Have signed up for Amazon Associates and also KDP. Ron says I did it wrong, Help me understand please? Thought I had it right. DA

    • admin says:

      Dave – I don’t know how you could’ve signed up incorrectly for Amazon Associates. As far as I know, there’s only one way. On the other hand, while I would recommend that you publish your work through KDPAmazon, I would not recommend that you enroll your book(s) in KDP Select. I see KDP Select as Amazon waving a large, unrealistic carrot in the face of indie authors in the hope that they will voluntarily place their work for sale with no real hope for reasonable compensation. Amazon Associates, on the other hand, is there solely as a source of additional income for authors. I would suggest that you go into ‘edit’ your upload onto Amazon, once it’s gone live, and remove yourself from KDP Select, if you’ve enrolled, as soon as you are allowed to under the agreement you have made, if that’s the case. Also, in the future, it might be best if you contacted me through my email – Best wishes! – Annie 🙂

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