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It’s that time of year again over here at Annie Acorn Publishing LLC! Time for Christmas in July! When oppressive summer heat fills the air, cool off with great reads, thoughts of winter wonderlands, and heart-warming holiday tales.

Today’s feature, Amey’s Rocker (Andrea Twombly’s Christmas Book 2), by From Women’s Pens best-selling author Andrea Twombly is a charming, love-filled Christmas story.

Snow flies on howling gales, trees moan their complaint against the December storm, and lights on the Christmas tree in the front yard flicker. Inside, family members settle around their fireplace’s warmth, sharing memories of years past, and then the front doorbell rings…

A family rocker, a surprise gift, and a closely held secret revealed – all set the stage for this family’s unexpected Christmas in the third offering from internationally beloved, From Women’s Pens’ Andrea Twombly, author of Christmas at the Inn and Mildred Sauer’s Christmas Gift.

Don’t miss this one – a sweet reminder that a simple act of kindness can effect generations for years to come!

Happy Christmas in July Reading!

-The Editors

Amey’s Rocker (Andrea Twombly’s Christmas Book 2) – a charming, love-filled Christmas story by Andrea Twombly.

Also available on AmazonUK and for Nook and Kobo ereaders

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