Christina Paul




Annie Acorn’s 2015 Spirited Tales (Annie Acorn’s Spirited Tales) – An anthology of stories including suspense, chills, ghosts, mediums, spirits, romance, and even humor written by the authors of From Women’s Pens, contributed to and edited by Annie Acorn.

Also available in Print, Large Print and on Amazon UK and iTunes, as well as for Nook and Kobo.


The Halloween Clock by Annie Acorn
Save My Soul by Peggy Teel
Moira by Christina Paul
The Horses of Paiute Canyon by D. A. Grady
Perhaps by Denise Hays
Parisian Ghosts by Charlotte Kent
Thirteenth Door on the Left by Angel Nichols
The Blind Seer by Susan Jean Ricci
Just An Old Wives’ Tale by Peggy Teel
Time Will Tell by Annie Acorn


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