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A native New Englander, Andrea Twombly is a fourth generation manufacturer of decorative brass stampings and filigrees at a company founded in 1904 by her great-grandfather, Numa Guyot.

A Reiki Master, Yogini, active church member, gardening hobbyist, loyal book group member, and avid daydreamer, Andrea is often spotted outside tending her yard and gardens. Frequently inspired while on a walk, she finds it very funny that ideas often come at the far point of her meandering, which sends her back home at a quickened pace to write down what has come to mind.

Andrea and her husband keep their home somewhere between Boston and Providence. Their daughter, who made the world a better place by simply being born, lives in the Berkshires with her husband.

Andrea maintains that a late bloomer blooms nonetheless, and she adores the serendipity of what can happen when seeds are scattered in hope and faith.

Ms. Twombly is a member of From Women’s Pens, and her novelette Christmas at the Inn appears individually and in Annie Acorn’s 2015 Christmas Treasury. Two other short stories have already been tapped for inclusion in Annie Acorn’s 2015 Romance Treasury.

Andrea is the author of a blog at, and you can follow her on Goodreads or on Twitter at @filigreegirl.

Christmas at the Inn: A Rose and Briar Inn Story (Rose and Briar Inn Stories Book 1) – a warm-hearted, romantic Christmas novelette investigating the notion of second chances by Andrea Twombly.

Also available on AmazonUK and for NOOK and Kobo ereaders.

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