Merrie Housdon


Merrie Housdon is a newly published author and a proud member of From Women’s Pens. Having always had a vivid imagination, Merrie naturally took to writing as an outlet from a demanding job as a juvenile corrections officer. With a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, she now spends her days as a case manager at a busy law firm and her nights as a devoted wife and passionate writer.

Ms Housdon’s short story, A Prince for Valentine’s, is included in Annie Acorn’s 2015 Valentine’s Day Treasury. Aside from working on her own projects, she also runs a website dedicated to helping other authors spread the word about their books.

You can follow Merrie at @mehousdon. She is the author of the blog

Romantic Shorts –

A Prince for Valentine’s (Merrie Housdon’s Romance Shorts Book 1) – A jewel of an historical romance by Merrie Housdon.

Also available on Amazon UK and iTunes as well as for Nook and Kobo.

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