Here at Annie Acorn Publishing, LLC, we design great covers, edit all day long, format all night, upload and print properly and, with the help of our authors, produce awesome offerings for our reading public, based on the stellar storylines, text and dialogue our AAPub authors consistently produce, ever aware of the ultimate consumer for whom they are writing – YOU!

Ranging in age from their 20s to their 60s, married, divorced, widowed and single, our talented, multi-cultural, internationally read, award-winning authors daily pen tens of thousands of words destined to fill a reader’s beach side afternoon or stormy night with travel to another world of mystery, romance, family life, self-improvement, faith-based spiritual growth, holiday memories, fantasy, or other fulfilling literary experiences.

Want to meet them individually?  Feel free to browse through the drop downs beneath this tab.  You won’t be disappointed!

Charlotte Kent:

Annie Acorn:

D. A. Grady:

Denise Hays:

Juliette Hill:

Elaine Orr:

Billie Thomas:

Peggy Teel:

Susan Jean Ricci:

Angel Nichols:

Andrea Twombly:

Merrie Housdon:

Tammy Ferguson:

Steve Cartwright:

Ron Shaw:

Bill Prystauk/Crash Palace:

K. Edwin Fritz:

Joe Eliseon:

Christina Paul:

Beverly J. Crawford:

Sheila D. Lawrence:

Jean Bascom:

Elizabeth Bastos:

– The Editors


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