In honor of “March Madness,” AAPub is “Mad” for Mysteries!













“March Madness” is contagious! All of us here at Annie Acorn Publishing LLC wish our readers a wonderful March. What better way to celebrate such an awe-inspiring yearly event, than to let our readers know we’re madly happy about giving our fans great reading options for the long March days ahead.

Catch the “madness” by delving into our varied selection of reading material, as this week, we highlight our Mysteries collection. In center stage we have our own Annie Acorn’s full-length, cozy mystery novel Chocolate Can Kill. 

Chocolate always makes things better, or so Emily Harris believes until even a dozen boxes of her favorite chocolates can’t put her world back together. Returning home from a trip to New Orleans, she is pushed down the airport’s arrival escalator, and despite evidence to the contrary, she believes the push was deliberate. If this weren’t enough her lawyer husband begins to act strangely, her oldest son brings a tramp home as his girlfriend, and two friends are murdered. Simple sayings from her childhood thread their way through her thoughts as she struggles to identify the common denominator, even as she is confined to her home, munching on chocolates.

Filled with the warm southern ambiance and gentle humor that author, Annie Acorn, has made famous, you won’t want to miss this cliffhanger!

Newsprint-to-Footprints_2Next, for your March reading pleasure, we highlight cozy mystery author Elaine Orr’s mysteries. Start with her novel From Newsprint to Footprints, the first offering in her River’s Edge Cozy Mystery series.

“You’re fired!” Grouchy news publisher Hal Morris sends reporter Melanie Perkins packing for taking too many photos of flowers.

Panicked at being unemployed, she lands a job as a landscaper, but an ugly surprise greets her on her first day. A pile of mulch, a tangerine, and a stolen hoe cast suspicion on Melanie.

Demise-of-a-Devious-Neighbor_16x25_finalMelanie’s efforts to find a murderer instead put a target on her back. Some of the aim is coming from law enforcement, but they aren’t the ones who want to silence her permanently. Life along the Des Moines River in Iowa can be peaceful, but a murderer has no problem disturbing her tranquility.

In this, the first novel in beloved cozy mystery writer Elaine Orr’s new River’s Edge series, the author once again offers humor, believable characters and tight prose as she carries the reader to an exciting climax. Those who follow her Jolie Gentil series will find themselves right at home.

You won’t want to miss this one or her second offering in the series Demise of a Devious Neighbor.

Murder-on-the-First16x25Lastly, we suggest Murder on the First Day of Christmas, first full-length, humorous cozy by Billie Thomas in her Chloe Carstairs Mysteries series.

It’s beginning to look a lot like murder.

Finding a severed hand at a client’s house might throw lesser decorators off their games. But Chloe Carstairs and her mother, Amanda, won’t let a little thing like murder keep them from decking the halls. With a body under the partridge’s pear tree and a dead Santa in a sleigh, they have to crack the case before the killer strikes again – this time much too close to home.

Filled with laugh-out-loud humor, romance and a delightfully difficult mother-daughter relationship, this new series from Billie Thomas offers a fast-paced caper as these two southern ladies try to keep their very merry Christmas from turning into the Noel from hell.

Murder-in-a-Two-Seater_revised-16x25Her second mystery novel Murder in a Two-Seater continues the series.

A cheating wife in a classic car drives someone to murder.

Interior decorators turned amateur investigators, Chloe and Amanda Carstairs have spent the summer transforming their client’s creepy old castle into a luxury hotel. But before the first guest checks in, the owner’s wife checks out – with the help of a bullet to the head.

When Chloe’s dad is accused of the crime, there’s no time for the ladies to drown their sorrows in the hotel’s mini bar. Instead, they have to contend with a sneaky blackmailer, an unsolved murder from the past, and a cunning killer with nothing to lose.

The second Chloe Carstairs Mystery is filled with the same clever twists and hilarious mother-daughter relationship that made Murder on the First Day of Christmas such a fun, fast-paced read for an appreciative readership. The mystery will keep you guessing, but as any good decorator will tell you, even a beautiful setting can’t hide the ugly truth.

Happy March Mystery Reading!

-The Editors

Chocolate Can Kill (Emily Harris Mysteries Book 1) – a full-length, cozy mystery by Annie Acorn.

Also available in Print on Amazon UK and iTunes and for Nook and Kobo.

From Newsprint to Footprints: A River’s Edge Cozy Mystery (River’s Edge Cozy Mysteries Book 1) – The first title in her new River’s Edge Cozy Mystery series by author Elaine Orr.

Also available in Print and Large Print, on AmazonUK and iTunes, and for Nook and Kobo ereaders.

Murder on the First Day of Christmas (Chloe Carstairs Mysteries Book 1) – a full-length, humorous cozy by Billie Thomas.

Also available in Print on Amazon UK and iTunes and for Nook and Kobo.



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