A Note from Annie – January, 2018



Whew! Where did 2017 go? Am I the only one in the whole world who looked away for a second, turned back around, and discovered myself welcoming in 2018?

Those who know me well would tell you that I start every new year with a quick glance backwards to check off goals met and surprise accomplishments. Then I sit down with a legal pad and pen to do some serious thinking.

Where did I fail during the past year – at times a humiliating process to go through? What did I learn from my mistakes, and how can I utilize my new found knowledge/experience going forward?

For me, a glass half-full kind of person, the past is now past. It is time to look towards the future.

A pitcher of espresso at the ready and a bowl of Lindt truffles within reach, I now begin making a series of lists, covering all aspects of my life, including my active management of and goals for Annie Acorn Publishing LLC, affectionately known by many as AAPub.

So how did we do in 2017, and what would we like to achieve going forward? How would YOU grade us based on the following?

Our Annie Acorn’s 2017 Christmas Treasury – the seventh in the internationally beloved series – came in at a whopping 118,000 words – our biggest ever!

Annie Acorn’s 2017 Christmas Treasury (Annie Acorn’s Christmas Anthologies) – edited by Annie Acorn

Also available in on iTunes for Kobo and Nook ereaders and in print.

Including works by Charlotte Kent, Juliette Hill, Merrie Housdon, Angel Nichols, Andrea Twombly, and yours truly, this year’s treasury has been well received by the Christmas series’ long-standing fans. And who doesn’t love this warm, inviting cover designed by Angel Nichols?








In July, we published Rover the Cat by Max Oberon, welcoming our first Australian author into the fold.

Rover the Cat (Rover’s Adventures Book 1) – for Kindle

Also available on iTunes for Kobo and Nook ereaders and in print.

Beginning in February, we began adding audiobooks to our catalogue, although we were astounded by the time involved in bringing each individual project to completion. Still we now have eighteen audiobooks available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes for those who prefer listening to reading our authors’ wonderful stories, with more on the way.

Our biggest surprise of the year? We were contacted by film producers from all three major production locations – all having heard about our authors and content from satisfied readers. How great is that?

All of this on top of the normal additions to our catalogue that we strive to achieve each year.

So….. How did we do?

In December, I met with Andre Arnett, our tech manager, for what we jokingly refer to as the AAPub Christmas party, in reality an intensive planning session over lunch at Clyde’s – a favorite restaurant that readers of our Captain’s Point series would recognize as the fictional Montgomery’s restaurant. And, yes, their cream of crab soup is just as yummy as we describe in the books.

After three hours of discussion, we had assembled an extensive list of 2018 goals for AAPub.

Yes, there will be an Annie Acorn’s 2018 Christmas Treasury. It’s a no-brainer to continue this popular series.

Yes, we will continue to produce audiobooks, opening a secondary production line overseen by Senior Editor Juliette Hill that will enable us to grow and expand our offerings in this area at a much greater pace.

No, unfortunately, we still will not be able to open our doors to unsolicited submissions.

Yes, Andrea Twombly, Juliette Hill, Angel Nichols, Merrie Housdon, and yours truly are all working towards publication via AAPub of new entries in our Rose and Briar Inn, Christmas Shoppe Magic, Holly & Ivy Christmas mysteries, Sunrise Valley Romances, and Luna Lake Cabins series.

Yes, Juliette Hill and I are working on new works to be added to our collaborative Captain’s Point series that begins with the novel A Clue for Adrianna.

A Clue for Adrianna (Captain’s Point Stories Book 1) – by Annie Acorn and Juliette Hill writing collaboratively as Charlotte Kent

Also available on iTunes for Kobo and Nook ereaders and in print.




Yes, Max Oberon has promised to send in the completed manuscript for his new Captain’s Table Romances series, based on his experiences serving aboard the actual Loveboat featured in the TV programs. In addition, he will also send a down-under Christmas story to be included in the Annie Acorn’s 2018 Christmas Treasury – the first male author to be accepted.

And the number of new listings in our catalogue goes on and on.

Yes, a LARGE box of AAPub print books is winging its way towards a noted film producer as I write. Fingers crossed there. How exciting for our deserving authors!

All in all, 2018 is going to be a VERY busy year around here. (She wipes brow daintily.)

Please know, our wonderful readers, that all our hard work at AAPub is done for YOU!!!

Best wishes for a wonderful year!

– Annie Acorn

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