Many years ago now, Annie Acorn was lunching with a friend, Andre Arnett of New Breed Marketer.

“Don’t you write?” he asked.

“All the time,” she answered. “I have drawers full of stuff in my office at home.”

“Then you’re sitting on a gold mine,” he replied. “I’m fascinated by eMarketing. I know all about websites and blogposts, but I couldn’t write a novel or a short story if my life depended on it.”

Understanding the meaning of the word ‘gold,’ Annie filed this away somewhere deep in her brain, where it took root.

By 2011, frustrated by the confines of traditional publishing, she found herself again at a lunch table with her friend.

“I’ve been thinking about what you said,” she told him.

“That this cheeseburger is good?”

“No, that I’m sitting on a gold mine by not publishing my own work and drawing on your eMarketing experience,” she replied.

“It’s about time you saw the light.” He took a bite of French fry, chewed and swallowed. “Why don’t I stop by Saturday afternoon and get you started?”

Saturday arrived right on schedule, and Annie prepared space at her dining room table for two computers, two coasters, a LARGE bowl of Lindts, some peanut M&Ms just in case, a spiral notebook and a number of pens. Completely verbal herself, she found the idea of buying a domain name, setting up Twitter and Facebook accounts and hosting a website rather daunting, but Andre had assured her there was nothing to it.

As they sat down to work, she began taking copious notes so she wouldn’t forget what she was learning, but as Andre moved them forward step-by-step, one thing struck her loud and clear as a businesswoman.

She had her friend to help and guide her. What would other completely verbal writers and authors, who wanted to take the publishing road less traveled, do? How would they accomplish their goals and make their dreams come true without breaking the bank?

As the previous owner of several fair-sized businesses, Annie realized she now held the critical component for a successful start-up – a hole that needed to be filled, if her friend would agree to contract his services when needed.

Besides, hadn’t she always wanted to mentor budding writers, and what better vehicle was there for doing so than one’s own publishing firm?

On May 28, 2011, The Magic Sand Dollar, a faith-based children’s book by Annie Acorn, was uploaded as an ebook onto KDP Amazon.

In August, 2011, Annie Acorn Publishing, LLC, became a legal entity in the State of Maryland.

Soon authors from the large network Annie had developed over the years began approaching the new publisher, and within a brief period of time, From Womens’ Pens, a collaborative group of award-winning, internationally read authors, was formed – a uniting element the fact that all of them were publishing at least some of their work through Annie Acorn Publishing, LLC.

The concept of an annual Annie Acorn’s Christmas Treasury became a reality on September 26, 2011, drawing on the talents of these remarkable women. Rapidly, the offerings of AAPub, as it was known amongst insiders, grew to include everything from full-length works of fiction to non-fiction finance books.

Annie connected with graphic designer Angel Nichols of Angel Wings Design in the early months of 2012, and the two began a creative partnership that has resulted in award-winning covers guaranteed to draw potential readers’ attentions.

Through Twitter, Goodreads and Facebook, Annie developed a strong social media presence, along with her authors, offering support and writing advice to indie and traditionally published authors alike, and the membership of From Womens’ Pens grew.

On February 1, 2012, the cover designed by Angel Nichols for Chocolate Can Kill was revealed on Twitter and Facebook. On February 12, the full-length, cozy mystery launched and early sales were encouraging. On April 22, 2012, Chocolate Can Kill was ranked #1 in its category and #12 on the entire Barnes and Noble website. Annie Acorn Publishing, LLC, had proven itself capable of producing, launching and marketing a winner in less than a year.

By May 1, 2014, AAPub could boast a listing of 66 published titles with nine more under contract and a fourth Annie Acorn’s Christmas Treasury preparing to launch, along with Love’s Surprise, the fourth novel in Charlotte Kent’s Captains Point Stories series, a story by Angel Nichols and another by Susan Jean Ricci.

On May 4, 2014, a new Q & A forum hosted by authors Pen & Ink, augmented by a series of Guest Quills and final thoughts by author/publisher Annie Acorn made its first appearance on annieacornpublishing.com, providing writers and authors alike with an opportunity to receive writing, publishing and marketing advice from seasoned professionals at no charge.

“Our goal here at Annie Acorn Publishing, LLC, is to provide readers with quality literature – fiction and non-fiction – that has been well-edited, formatted, epublished and printed,” Annie says to those who ask. “Our hope is that annieacornpublishing.com will become a go to location for those seeking a certain standard of product.

“Additionally, I have never lost sight of my desire to mentor those who dream of making it in the often closed world of publishing. Pen & Ink is a first step towards providing a dynamic environment in which lessons and ideas can be shared, and other promotions and events are in development. The sky’s the limit at AAPub!”

Wishing you the best, Annie!

– The Editors

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